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We don’t trust our intuition.
We trust Data.

We are passionate about new digital communication trends.

About Us

We are Epica Labs an end-to-end eCommerce and Digital Marketing agency, specialized in helping businesses to drive sales and make the right decisions. We have the experience and knowledge that is necessary to develop your business model and map out your digital marketing strategy.

We are passionate about new communication and technology trends that connect your business with the right audience.


From the simplicity principle, we identify the insights necessary for decision making and the development of creative proposals. We combine data-driven metrics with honest, approachable customer service to truly build lasting partnerships with our clients.

Data Analytics

We are marketers that create digital marketing strategies based on data and not guessing. We develop new tools and technologies every day to better understand what data is telling us.



We offer simple solutions for complex situations, we take
our capabilities to the limit to face great challenges.


We tell stories through brands. We conceptualize and create value propositions for the consumer.

Technical SEO

Many of the most important search engine ranking factors are much more technical and “behind the scenes”. Our team can uncover and resolve these issues to increase your SERP.

Digital strategy

We understand that a good digital advertising strategy must be custom-tailored to your business, your audience and your goals.


We develop virtual businesses focused on user experience and customer journey. We believe that luck has nothing to do with growth.


Why work with us

Our team is human and professional. Focused on providing solutions to the big challenges that might present to us,
with our satellite talents we integrate a highly competitive and valuable team for our customers.

We know the importance of data in the digital world. We are constantly updating ourselves to know the latest trends
that lead us to make better decisions for our clients.




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